What you need to know:

* No. 9 Georgia State dropped a nail biter to No. 7 LSU 3-2 to kick off day two of the CCSA Conference Championship. The Panthers (21-14) bounced back to sweep UAB to finish the 2017 season.

* The Tigers came back to take flight No. 2 in three sets to earn the victory over the Panthers (20-14). Olivia Stasevich and Georgia Johnson swept LSU’s No. 5 pair on court 5 to put GSU on the scoreboard. Pair of the Year Delaney Rohan and Chelsea Ross battled back to earn a three-set win on court one to tie the match 2-2. In flight No. 2, 4 and 5, GSU managed straight-set victories to finish the tournament strong.  

* No. 9 GSU finishes round robin play with a record of 2-2.

EMERSON, Ga. – No. 9 Georgia State dropped another close match 3-2 at the hands of the No. 7 LSU. The Tigers won their 24th consecutive match by taking the No. 2 flight in three sets. In the second leg of the doubleheader, GSU swept UAB 5-0 to finish the CCSA Championship strong.

On court five, freshmen Olivia Stasevich and Georgia Johnson moved to 15-5 on the year with a straight-set win over LSU's Riley Young and Megan Davenport. 

Pair of the Year Delaney Rohan and Chelsea Ross came from behind to defeat the Tigers' Claire Coppola and Kristen Nuss 16-21, 21-17 and 15-8.

Both pairs picked up right where they left off versus the Blazers. Stasevich and Johnson finish the season with 16 wins. Rohan and Ross led the team all season and end the year with a 24-10 record.

Senior Jessica Fourspring and graduate transfer Haley Pa’akaula responded nicely to defeat the Blazers in straight sets in the No. 2 flight.

The semifinal matches will take place today at 6:30 p.m. ET and will feature FAU, FIU, Florida State and LSU at LakePoint.


Sand Volleyball Match Results

Georgia State vs LSU

Apr 22, 2017 at Emerson, Ga.

(Lakepoint Sporting Complex)

#7 LSU 3, Georgia State 2

Doubles competition

  1. Delaney Rohan/Chelsea Ross (GSU) def. Claire Coppola/Kristen Nuss (LSU) 16-21, 21-17, 15-8
  2. Emmy Allen/Maddie Ligon (LSU) def. Haley Pa'akaula/Jessica Fourspring (GSU) 17-21, 22-20, 15-11
  3. Olivia Powers/Katie Lindelow (LSU) def. Natalie Wilson/Brooke Weiner (GSU) 21-11, 21-19
  4. Cati Leak/Callan Molle (LSU) def. Kate Novack/Amie Held (GSU) 21-10, 23-21
  5. Georgia Johnson/Olivia Stasevich (GSU) def. Riley Young/Megan Davenport (LSU) 21-17, 21-12

Match Notes:

Georgia State 20-13

LSU 25-5; National ranking #7

Order of finish: Doubles (3,4,5,1,2);

Sand Volleyball Match Results

UAB vs Georgia State

Apr 22, 2017 at Emerson, Ga.

(Lakepoint Sporting Complex)

Georgia State 5, UAB 0

Doubles competition

1. Delaney Rohan/Chelsea Ross (GSU) def. Avery Hoven/Erika Zembyla (UAB) 21-8, 15-21, 15-9
2. Jessica Fourspring/Haley Pa'akaula (GSU) def. Avei Longoleo/Kat Jovicic (UAB) 21-12, 21-15
3. Brooke Weiner/Ashley McGinn (GSU) def. Emily Martinez/Kenley Adams (UAB) 20-22, 21-17, 15-12
4. Amie Held/Kate Novack (GSU) def. Tressa Buckland/Haley Jared (UAB) 23-21, 21-13
5. Olivia Stasevich/Georgia Johnson (GSU) def. Rachel Evans/Kalah Jones (UAB) 21-10, 21-17
Match Notes:
UAB 12-18
Georgia State 20-13
Order of finish: Doubles (5,4,2,1,3);


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