What you need to know:

*Georgia State beach volleyball went 1-1 on the opening day of the 2018 season.

*The Panthers defeated No. 15 Stetson to earn their first win on the year.

*GSU will be back in action tomorrow with a trio of duals.

DELAND, FLA- The beach volleyball season is underway, and GSU is off to a 1-1 start. The No. 12 ranked Panthers fell to No. 8 South Carolina in the morning match, before rallying to defeat No. 15 Stetson in the afternoon tilt.

“Today was our glimpse of this year’s level of competition”, said head coach Beth Van Fleet. “This sport is incredible. Each team continues to evolve and challenge us to improve.”

The Panthers got off to a slow start dropping the first dual of the season to South Carolina 5-0. The bright spot belonged to Brooke Weiner and Tiffany Creamer who played in the one position and won the second set of their match 21-17.

Georgia State responded in the afternoon battle with Stetson, defeating the Hatters 3-2. Kate Novack and Amie Held cruised to a pair of 21-17 wins in the number five spot to earn the duals first point. On the fourth court, freshmen Eden Hawes and Ashley Bauchert won a thrilling third set 15-13 to give GSU a two point lead. Georgia Johnson and Olivia Stasevich clinched the match by battling back from a set one loss to win sets two and three, and the dual for Georgia State.

“We came up short of our standard in the first dual and simply regrouped”, said Van Fleet.  “This roster is deep and we called on everyone to step up today and play in new roles. I am proud of how we responded.”

GSU has a full day tomorrow with three more duals. The Panthers will take on Eckerd at 8:00 AM before taking on No. 4 Florida State at 11:30 AM. Georgia State will finish the weekend off against Florida Atlantic at 5:30 PM.

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GSU vs. South Carolina-

  1. Shannon Williams/Ali Denney (SC) def. Tiffany Creamer/Brooke Weiner (GSU) 22-24, 21-17, 15-13
  2. Lydia Dimke/Katie Smith (SC) def. Ashley McGinn/Allie Elson (GSU) 21-18, 21-14
  3. Julia Mannisto/Carly Schnieder (SC) def. Georgia Johnson/Eden Hawes (GSU) 21-16, 21-11
  4. Leah Perri/Macie Tendrich (SC) def. Kate Novack/Rebekah Brodbeck (GSU) 21-12, 21-15
  5. Franky Harrison/Hannah Edelman (SC) def. Amie Held/Maddie Gordon (GSU) 21-15, 21-19 Ext. Aubrey Ezell/Jess Vastine (SC) def. Meagan McCall/Mattie Johnson (GSU) 20-22, 21-18, 13-10

GSU vs. Stetson-

  1. Carly Perales/S. Helland-Hansen (STET) def. Tiffany Creamer/Brooke Weiner (GSU) 16-21, 21-16, 19-17
  2. Sammee Thomas/Darby Dunn (STET) def. Ashley McGinn/Allie Elson (GSU) 21-15, 21-16
  3. Olivia Stasevich/Georgia Johnson (GSU) def. Quinci Birker/Rebecca Ingram (STET) 23-25, 21-15, 15-11
  4. Eden Hawes/Ashley Bauchert (GSU) def. Samantha Harria/Rachel Noble (STET) 25-23, 9-21, 15-13
  5. Kate Novack/Amie Held (GSU) def. Alexa Richardson/Katinka Krahn (STET) 21-17, 21-17 Ext. Julie Varga/Lauren Durham (STET) def. Meagan McCall/Mattie Johnson (GSU) 21-12, 21-14