ATLANTA- Georgia State beach volleyball put together an incredible effort in the classroom to finish the spring semester with a 3.68 grade point average. The team had 15 athletes earn academic honors, with six being named to the President’s List.

“These student-athletes never cease to amaze me”, said GSU assistant coach Kirsten Gallagher. “What they are able to do during season - balancing both our competition schedule and rigorous academic demands, exemplifies their discipline and work ethic. Successes, like our team GPA, make me so proud of their character and excited for their future.”

GSU’s five freshmen led the way for the team, combining for a 3.96 GPA. Ashley Bauchert and Meagan McCall were named to the Dean’s List, while Mattie Johnson, Eden Hawes, and Rebekah Brodbeck all delivered a 4.0 or higher earning a spot on the President’s List.

Graduate student’s Tiffany Creamer and Amie Held, as well as sophomore Georgia Johnson joined the three freshmen on the President’s List. Seven other Panthers earned academic honors, including six on the Dean’s List.

“This accomplishment is also a direct reflection of our academic staff”, Gallagher continued. “I am extremely appreciative of the tutors, mentors, and advisors (Jesse Rappole) who help facilitate our student-athletes’ learning environment.”

AD Honor Roll-

Allie Elson

Dean’s List-

Ashley Bauchert

Meagan McCall

Ashley McGinn

Kate Novack

Olivia Stasevich

Jessie Swaney

Annika Van Gunst

Teegan Van Gunst

President’s List-

Rebekah Brodbeck

Eden Hawes

Mattie Johnson

Georgia Johnson

Tiffany Creamer

Amie Held


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